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MS-TEAMS: Connection and Usage

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How can I connect and use Microsoft Teams in University of Thessaly?


A. PREREQUISITES (you need to follow these steps only once)
1. Connect to "" and click the "Login" option (upper right corner). In the next page select English (upper right corner) and then "University of Thessaly" at the selection box.

Click the "Confirm" button and you will be redirected to the UTH login page. Type in your username and password. After your successful login just close the delos365 webpage.

2. Download the Microsoft Teams application for your device here:

3. Install Microsoft Teams on your device.

NOTE: you might experience some issues while using MS Teams on Android.


1. Run Microsoft Teams on your device.
Important: Be sure that the firewall on your device allows Ms-Teams activity.

2. In the first sign-in page type in your username@ο and click "Next".

3. You will be redirected to the UTH login page - type in your username and password there.

4. After your successful login click on the "Teams" icon on the left.

5. Click on "Join a team with a code" and type in the passcode (small case letters and numbers) provided by the team coordinator or member of teaching staff.

6. After joining the team you are automatically directed to the "Posts" tab.

In the lower part of that window you  will find all available tools -such as the camera- to start a video meeting.

7. After joining a Team you can take part in an ongoing meeting by pressing "Join".

You can contact if you are having problems applying the above described steps.